Brunswick School

Courage, Honor, Truth

Brunswick is a college-preparatory day school for boys of genuine potential and differing backgrounds in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. Despite dramatic change during the course of its 116-year history, Brunswick has dedicated itself to staying true to its founding goals and intent. In all we do, we uphold our founder’s commitment: “Ably and generously preparing boys for life.” We believe deeply in the tremendous potential of boys, and we have deliberately and successfully sculpted an educational experience that emphasizes rigorous traditional learning, self-discipline, and character development.

Our philosophy is fulfilled as we build young men of character through the educational experience that is uniquely Brunswick. Believing that “the combination of a good home and a good school, working in intelligent cooperation, can give more than any school can give alone,” Carmichael advocated day-school over boarding-school education. His founding vision still manifests itself in well-rounded, confident, superbly educated young men who value their home lives and school lives. Many gain acceptance to the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities.


Grades served: PreK – Grade 12
Total Enrollment: 1,044
100 Maher Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 625-5842
Head of School: Tom Philip
Director of School-wide Enrollment and Admission: Sara Burdett

Open House: Sunday, November 6. Please visit our website for more information.

Application Deadline: December 15