Ridgefield Academy

Dreamers Become Thinkers

Ridgefield Academy is a private co-ed day school educating students in Preschool – Grade 8 in Ridgefield, CT. Ridgefield Academy nurtures lifelong learners and develops confident, self-assured kids in an environment where each student is seen, heard, and respected.


Grades served: Age 2 – Grade 8
Total Enrollment: 285
223 W Mountain Road, Ridgefield, CT
(203) 894-1800
Head of School: Tom Main
Associate Head of School & Director of Enrollment: David Suter

Open House: Sunday, October 15 and Sunday, November 6. Please visit our website for more information.

Application Deadline: January 15

“RA has provided a safe place for my child to confidently grow academically and socially. Utilizing varied approaches to teach new concepts and ways of thinking has empowered my child and solidified their love of learning.”

“Throughout my five years at Ridgefield Academy, my experiences here have helped me discover my voice and how to use it. Being on stage for the first time at RA made me realize that I was in a supportive environment, I had the support to succeed, and that I could call this place home.”

“The strengths of RA’s program can be found on many different levels. I think it is the school’s overall approach to curriculum development. Interweaving meaningful literature with verbal and artistic expression; expanding a history unit to include culture, art and science along with the core topic; relating Latin roots to English and foreign language vocabulary are all examples of how RA educates rather than teaches. From the first moment you meet the teaching staff, you realize they are there because they love to educate students.”