Representing a variety of private day schools in Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY counties, Fairchester Independent Schools work collaboratively to promote the value of private school education and make the admission process more accessible for prospective families.

While each Fairchester School offers a unique learning community, our group of independent schools share common values, priorities, and accreditation standards. At Fairchester Independent Schools, you’ll find:

Outstanding Teachers

Having the subject expertise and ability to shape their programming, our teachers are able to try new things and go beyond standard curriculum. Private school teachers actively participate in professional development opportunities to ensure they are at the forefront of academic innovation and professionalism.

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes allow for increased personalized attention and strong teacher-student relationships. The result? An environment of hands-on learning, small-group collaboration, and active engagement that prepares students for their next step.

Focus on Character Development

While each school is driven by its unique mission, one unifying value is the development of character, citizenship, and service. Students in Fairchester Schools grow to have a broader view of the world and their future role in it.

Extensive Extracurricular Programs

Your student will find a variety of offerings in the arts, athletics, music, theater, STEM, debate, and more. Trying new things and active participation are built into the day-to-day student experience.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A community of diverse perspectives and backgrounds strengthens the quality of our schools’ cultures and enriches our educational programs. A commitment to equity and inclusion honors our differences and strives to make all members feel they belong and are valued.

High Academic Standards

Each Fairchester School completes a rigorous accreditation process which ensures best practices and continuous improvement. This commitment enables our Schools to stay relevant to our missions and to the students and families we serve.