The Children’s School

Joyfully growing heart and minds

The mission of The Children’s School (TCS) is to provide children with the utmost care and attention during their early years—a period of boundless potential for growth. To nourish and support this unfolding in each child, we offer a learning environment filled with challenging materials and countless opportunities for problem-solving and self-expression, staffed with committed, well-trained teachers. This is a place where every child is known and his or her individuality celebrated; where an enriched curriculum encourages curiosity and excites the imagination; where children begin to lead as well as explore, begin to teach as well as learn. This is a school that takes young children seriously. Come visit our beautiful, sustainable campus and buildings in North Stamford, and you will see why The Children’s School has been recognized nationally and regionally for its pioneering work with the young in technology and developmental learning as well as school architecture and design. For over 55 years, generations of children and their families have crossed our threshold and forged an enduring connection to the school. They know we are dedicated exclusively to growing hearts and minds. They know that childhood is our classroom. They know never to save the best for last when it comes to a child’s first steps in the place we call school.


Grades served: PreK – Grade 3
Total Enrollment: 120
118 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT
(203) 329-8815
Head of School: Maureen Murphy
Admissions Director: Jamie DeNatale

Open House: Please visit our website for more information.

Application Deadline: February 15

“When my daughter first started at The Children’s School, neither my husband nor I could guess what was truly in store for her, although we had all the hopes of most parents: we wanted her to be happy, protected, loved, encouraged and challenged. Almost immediately, she would find meaning: under the kind guidance of the capable and loving teachers, in the amazing order that pulsates just under the surface of the day, in the joy of the music performed in the classroom, through the art and media expressions that she was able to experience, in the many large and small lessons that so beautifully supported her growing capabilities as a natural learner. The prepared classroom beckoned her each and every day to find something new, to dig deeper into a subject she was interested in, to climb higher on the play structure, to add a color to a collage she had started earlier in the week. The Children’s School is a place filled with love, staffed by the best and kindest. We are forever grateful and awe-filled.”

“If you are a parent considering The Children’s School for your loved one, our biased view is that the choice is an easy one. Five years ago we chose TCS for our daughter after exhaustive research for the perfect early-childhood option. It is one of the best decisions we made. Fairfield and Westchester Counties are blessed with outstanding schools, many of which are top-rated in the nation. When you benchmark these institutions primarily on the quality of their early-childhood offerings, TCS stands head and shoulders above the rest. The teachers at TCS are exceptional. They are smart, warm and genuinely passionate about each child’s development. They excel not only at teaching but also at being role models in terms of their kind behavior and the respectful values they project through careful listening and thoughtful communication. Our daughter’s clarity in communication, along with her poise and confidence, has developed through osmosis from being around this admirable group of teachers. They proactively communicate on matters big and small, and are quick to follow up. We have had more than our fair share of requests to TCS over our five years, and every one of them was met with courtesy and prompt attention. Thankfulness is a common unifying sentiment among TCS families.  We shall always cherish the happy memories, spectacular growth and warm friendships of our five years here.”

“Such positive energy runs through the school community each day! There is a contagious “can-do” approach to the running of TCS, and it is this spirit which has helped to create and maintain the culture of the school, year after year. In combination with a bright and airy building, this energy promotes a healthy educational environment, for children and adults alike. At the same time, I applaud our school’s faithfulness to its mission; its constant revisiting and refreshing of this vision or road map. The evidence of the mission’s impact on our classrooms is in the growth we see in each child, month to month and year to year. I find it remarkable and rewarding to be part of the development of a child as they learn and discover, wonder and create. It is such a privilege to see the very beginnings of a growing heart and a mind in a child who is exploring his or her potential. Just as we foster a love of learning for children, the school provides the time and space for teachers to be lifelong learners. The last thing I want to say is about the quality of leadership that exists at TCS; would that each and every school had leadership as visible and present as ours, one that works cooperatively with teachers to improve and enhance their skills. The leadership at TCS is respectful and makes staff feel part of the “bigger vision.” We are fortunate indeed.”